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Homeowners’ insurance is one of those things that we often set and forget. Then we don’t realize that we aren’t fully protected until it is too late. However, reviewing your homeowners’ insurance policy annually can help you get the coverage you need in California. It can also save you a lot of money. Comparison shopping is the key to finding the best insurance for you. Once you find a better policy, you may not be sure how to make the switch. The good news is it is easy. Here are the three steps to switch your homeowners’ insurance policy.

1. Review Your Current Policy

Every homeowners’ insurance policy comes with terms and conditions. These outline the details for the termination of your agreement. This will help you understand what the costs if any, are associated with ending the contract. It will also help you understand the best time for you to make a switch. Here’s a helpful guide to reading your current insurance policy.

2. Make A List Of Your Coverage Needs

A great idea for buying homeowners’ insurance is to take stock of your home. Every person is different and they need different things to be protected. Make a list of the things you want to protect like your home, any sheds, or possessions. Then think about the perils that worry you most in the area. Maybe you are concerned about fires or maybe you are concerned about break-ins. Write this list down and compare it to the policy you are considering buying to make sure it meets all your needs.

3. Start Your New Policy

Switching policies can leave you exposed during the process. However, if you slightly overlap your policies, you will not have to worry about not being covered. Check to make sure your cancellation date is after your start date. Also, get confirmation from your current provider that your policy is canceled. Finally, check to make sure you are not entitled to a refund when you make the switch.

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As you can see, making the switch is easy. Finding a great insurance provider for your Northridge, CA can be more of a challenge. Contact our team at Panorama Insurance can help. We work with a number of national and local insurance providers. We’ll handle all the comparison shopping for you once we know your needs. 

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