Specialty Dwelling Insurance

Your Northridge, CA home is likely to be one of the biggest investments of your entire life. However, it’s also possible that it isn’t the only home you have – or that you’re not there all the time. For those who own a Northridge, CA rental property or a home in the area that is vacant, you may need to choose a policy that goes beyond traditional homeowners insurance – you may need specialty dwelling insurance instead.

The main reason here is simple – if you don’t live in the home then a traditional policy likely won’t cover it. Traditional policies only provide coverage for properties that are occupied by the owner. Specialty dwelling insurance is the answer.

The Basics of Specialty Dwelling Insurance

Getting a Northridge, CA specialty dwelling insurance policy is something that can be applied to several different scenarios. Here are some of the main situations that might require it.

  • Rentals– If you own a rental property, specialty dwelling insurance is the only type of policy that will work and provide your property with protection. You’ll want to choose a policy that includes tenant liability, landlord furnishings, and more – depending on the specifics of your situation.
  • Seasonal Or Vacation Homes– Any home that you don’t live in throughout the year may have to be insured through specialty dwelling insurance. If you own a secondary home in Northridge, CA, this coverage will be a must.
  • Older Or Low Value Homes– Exceptionally old homes aren’t always easy to cover with insurance. Lower valued homes are similar, in that insurance companies don’t always want to provide a policy. But for Northridge, CA residents who own these homes, specialty dwelling insurance may be the solution.
  • Vacant Homes– Empty homes can create problems since their residents aren’t there to maintain and keep a check on the property. This makes them harder to insure, but specialty insurance policies can provide solutions.
  • Homes Under Construction– If your Northridge, CA home is under construction, you may have to purchase a specialty dwelling insurance policy to protect it until it is finished.
  • Credit Issues– For some homeowners who have credit problems, you may not even qualify for a standard, traditional insurance policy. Instead, you may have to seek out a specialty dwelling insurance policy.

Getting your Specialty Dwelling Insurance

If you own any of the types of homes above, getting the right policy to keep your property and you safe is important. You’ll need to find a solution that gives you complete and total protection no matter your budget. We can help. We work with multiple insurance providers to find the policy that works best for your specific situation, budget, and property. Contact Panorama Insurance Agency today to talk to one of our experts and get a quote on your property.

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