Contractors Insurance

Contractors working in and around the Northridge, California area need to make certain that their business, their employees, and themselves are all protected. The work involved in being a contractor brings unique aspects of coverage that have to be considered carefully, and finding good Northridge, CA contractors insurance is vital for anyone in the industry.

Who Needs Contractors Insurance Coverage?

Practically any independent contractor in Northridge, CA will need to consider finding a good contractors insurance policy. Each policy will have liability and other coverages that meet their specific needs and making sure that you’re protected is important. Some examples of those who will need this type of insurance include:

  1. Plumbers
  2. Carpenters
  3. Electricians
  4. Independent construction contractors
  5. House and carpet cleaners
  6. Freelance writers or editors
  7. Freelance employees who work in online positions
  8. Horse or dog trainers
  9. Hairstylists
  10. And more

Essentially, if you are a contractor in any field, you will need to make sure that you are fully protected with a good Northridge, CA contractors insurance policy.

Never Underestimate The Risks You Face

Understanding that you need good contractors insurance is the first step. Next, you’ll have to find coverage that protects you. Different insurance policies offer different levels of protection and different types of coverages. You need to be sure that you have protection for each of them, depending on exactly what your contractor duties involve. Here are some of the main areas you’ll need protection in.

  1. General Liability– This is the basis of your policy. It will protect you if the unthinkable happens, and has two main types of coverage. The first is bodily injury, which provides protection if you or someone working for you causes injury or death to a separate party, giving them money for their legal care. Property damage is covered here as well and provides protection if you or an employee damages property you are working on or around.
  2. Advertising Personal Injury– This is a more unique type of coverage that focuses on keeping you protected in the event that another’s reputation is damaged due to false advertising, libel, or slander – whether intentional or accidental.
  3. Completed Operations– Once you finish a job, if the finished project ends up causing damage or having other issues, this coverage will provide you with complete protection.
  4. Contract Liability– Contract liability is there to give you protection if you are involved in a contract dispute of any kind. This is one element of coverage that isn’t always included and that is easy to overlook, so it’s important that you always look closely to make sure you are protected.

Each contractors insurance policy is unique because every Northridge, CA contractor is unique. As such, you’ll need to work with one of our experts to ensure that you don’t have any gaps in coverage that could put you at risk of expensive legal claims, medical bills, or repair costs.

Will You Need A Business Owners Policy?

A Business Owners Policy is a type of policy that includes several coverages the average Northridge, CA business owner will face. It’s kind of a package deal for small businesses and can offer you a reduced cost on coverage. It will include coverage for things like:

  1. Property damage
  2. Business income loss
  3. Commercial auto coverage

If you’re a contractor with a few employees, this is an option worth talking to your insurance specialist about.

What About Workers Compensation?

Workers’ compensation insurance is needed by anyone who has employees. This type of coverage is there to protect your workers from job-related injuries, illnesses, and death. It includes coverage that provides compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and more. If you don’t have employees you may not need this type of coverage, but for everyone else, it will be vital.

Do You need Professional Liability Coverage

Looking for the right contractors’ insurance may mean that you need professional liability insurance coverage. This is also known as E and O, or errors and omission insurance.

It’s a special type of liability policy that focuses not on injury or accidents, but on you making a mistake that causes a client to lose money. For example, if you provide advice or do work that ends up failing and causing an undue burden on the client. This is especially important to have if you use subcontractors to complete jobs, as their actions may impact your bottom line.

Getting Your Policy

If you’re in need of a contractors insurance policy, it’s important to make certain you get a policy that covers all of your specific needs. Contact our team to get a quote on the policy that will work best for you.

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