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XPO Logistics is a leading transportation logistics company in the United States, with more than 12,000 drivers and 749 support locations across the country. The company’s trucking brokerage operations connect drivers and trucking companies with loads, whether they are goods, materials, parts, and other freight. Connecting easily with available loads can often increase a trucker’s deliveries and income significantly. 

XPO is the fourth-largest trucking broker in the U.S., and many truckers want to sign up to take advantage of the opportunities that the company provides. The company has strict standards, however, for its freight carriers, including insurance requirements. If you need to purchase trucking insurance to qualify for XPO Logistics, reach out to an insurance professional at Panorama today. 

Eligibility Requirements for Truckers

Before you can be approved to use the technology and apps that XPO provides, you must prove that you have minimum insurance coverage. The minimums are:

The auto coverage provides protection in case you get into an accident and cause injuries and property damages. Such accidents happen every day involving commercial trucks, and the losses of victims can be high. You might want to consider going above the minimum of what XPO Logistics requires to protect yourself from liability. This is something you should discuss with our team, and we can guide you to the best coverage available for the best value. 

Cargo insurance protects the value of the goods you are transporting. If something should happen – a cargo spill, theft, or other damage – the replacement costs of freight can be significant. You want to have proper coverage to protect yourself from such liability. 

To become an approved carrier for XPO Logistics you must provide and meet the following criteria:

  1. Provide your MC/MX# or DOT# to begin registration. Intrastate carriers without a DOT# may provide an applicable state registration number to begin registration.
  2. Carrier Contact must be authorized to enter into and bind your company to XPO Logistics’ Motor Carrier Transportation Agreement.
  3. Validate or provide the carrier contact information.
  4. Submit an electronic W-9 with a valid Federal ID/EIN#. (Canadian carriers will download special IRS forms and submit offline.)
  5. Complete the Carrier Profile Form.
  6. Read and ACCEPT the XPO Logistics Agreement
  7. If RMIS does not already have a copy of your certificate on file, we will request one for you from your insurance agent (producer). RMIS must be listed as certificate holder.
  8. You will be required to meet the following XPO Logistics carrier compliance requirements:
    1. Safety Rating must be Satisfactory or None.
    2. Active Operating Authority.
    3. All Carriers must have appropriate Federal, State, or Provincial Authority.

While you must meet many requirements, you can rest assured that our insurance team can help with at least one aspect of your new partnership – ensuring you have the proper insurance coverage. 

Do You Need XPO Logistics Truck Insurance? We Can Help

Many truckers want to take advantage of the opportunities that XPO Logistics provides, but they need assistance meeting all of the requirements. To ensure you have the necessary insurance coverage to qualify for XPO and protect yourself and your operations, you should never wait to speak with Panorama Insurance. We assist with trucking insurance for many different companies, and we can assess your needs and advise you of your options. Reach out today to start on your path to a partnership with XPO Logistics with help from Panorama insurance.

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