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Salon Reopening Risks: Securing Your Business During COVID-19

Salon Reopening Risks: Securing Your Business During COVID-19

Salon Reopening Risks: Securing Your Business During COVID-19

Many barbershops and salons across the country have had to close their doors because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, they are now slowly beginning to get back to business and open their doors to clients once again. However, these small business owners need to think seriously and realistically about the risks of doing so.

To ensure a safe reopening, here are a few ways you can prepare your salon:

  1. Clean And Disinfect The Whole Place
  2. Understand The Local Guidelines
  3. Practice Social Distancing
  4. Come Up With A Safety Plan
  5. Train Your Staff

Clean And Disinfect The Whole Place

Before even thinking about opening your shop again, take the time to clean and disinfect everything, including surfaces, the linens you use, and all the tools you have. Always use a disinfectant that is approved by the EPA and effective for combating the coronavirus.

Understand The Local Guidelines

Next, you should do some research regarding the local reopening guidelines and safety procedures. You may also need to update your salon space to make social distancing possible. A good resource you can turn to is the Professional Beauty Association’s COVID-19 Report: Reopening of State and Local Economies.

Practice Social Distancing

When it comes to social distancing in your shop, you need to take a close look at the amount of space you have in your salon. See if you can move furniture around or tape off specific areas to make it easier to socially distance.

You should also consider installing dividers where you can. Remove unnecessary items that people share, such as magazines and styling books you would typically have in the waiting area.

Come Up With A Safety Plan

Create safety and health protocols for the salon, and make sure everyone there knows who is responsible for what. You need to make a list of any items you need to purchase as you get your salon ready for reopening.

Train Your Staff

Next, discuss your new safety and health plan with all the members of your staff. They also need to learn how to communicate the protocols to each client who books an appointment. Before entering the establishment, everyone needs to understand their personal responsibilities.

Other Steps You Can Take

In addition to what we have already mentioned, there are other measures you can implement to ensure a successful reopening of your salon.

  1. Do not allow walk-ins. Instead, require everyone to make an appointment.
  2. Confirm all appointments in advance.
  3. Decide if you want to use a questionnaire to weigh the risk of symptoms for each client.
  4. Eliminate cancellation fees if the client becomes ill ahead of the appointment.
  5. Instead of checking in at the desk, have clients call the salon to check in from their vehicle.
  6. Require clients and stylists to wear a mask.
  7. Offer contactless payment options.

Finally, you want to limit the number of people you allow into the salon so you can follow social distancing guidelines as much as possible. You also need to ensure that everything is being cleaned and sanitized regularly and in between each appointment.

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