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Protect Your Home From Winter Damages

Protect Your Home From Winter Damages

Protect Your Home From Winter Damages

Winter comes around each year and with it all of the damages that it can bring to your home. Winter can be one of the most damaging seasons of the year when it comes to wear and tear on your home, and it’s important to have a homeowners insurance policy that keeps you and your largest investment protected. While having a comprehensive homeowners insurance policy is important to keeping your home protected, you can also work to better protect your home from the damages of winter as well. Knowing what to look out for in the winter months can give you a grasp of what to prepare for so that you might prevent a disastrous situation before it happens.


Winter can be dangerous to your home, and it’s also one of the most inconvenient seasons for these catastrophes to happen. If your roof collapses under the weight of snow or ice, you’re not just left with a damaged roof but a damaged roof allowing freezing air inside. Homeowners insurance is one layer of protection, but it’s also important to do what you can to keep yourself protected from major incidents as well.


The Top Damages Of Winter


Some winter damages to your home are quite common, and it’s these that you’ll want to prepare for or protect yourself against. Some of the most common top damages of winter to your home are:


  1. Snow and ice accumulation – Your roof are what keeps the elements out of your home, so what happens when the elements are determined to leave their mark? Snow and ice accumulation is heavy as it rests on your rooftop, which causes stress and strain to your very roofing structure. Any minor damage or need for repair will be amplified, leaving you at greater risk for a complete roofing system failure. Making sure your roof is inspected, strong, and repaired before the winter season ensures it will be more likely to remain strong throughout the season.
  2. Ice on the gutters – Snow and ice will melt, refreeze, melt, and freeze again, and your gutter systems will often take the brunt of the damage. Icicles hanging from the gutters may be beautiful to look at, but they’re dangerous to you and your home. When they fall they can cause dangerous accidents to those standing below, and they place excess stress on your entire gutter system.
  3. Snapping and breaking tree limbs – Ice, snow, and dry air are all damaging to the trees around your home. Even if no ice or snow is present, dry cold air can leave tree limbs brittle, weak, and susceptible to breakage even in moderate wind conditions. A tree limb snapping during a windy day can leave behind serious damage.


Protect Your Home From The Seasons


Winter, spring, summer, and fall all have their own risks they pose to your home, and it’s important that your home is protected no matter what mother nature may bring your way. If you’re interested in a homeowners insurance policy for your property, contact us at Panorama today.

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