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How To Get Insurance For Your Brand-New Car

How To Get Insurance For Your Brand-New Car

How To Get Insurance For Your Brand-New Car

If you are about to give the most exciting Christmas gift of all time or you just want to take advantage of the amazing year-end sales, you are going to need insurance. However, if you have never bought a brand-new car before, you may not know how to go about getting a policy. Here are all the steps to take to make sure that your new vehicle is fully protected:

Purchase Insurance Ahead Of Time

The worst possible scenario that can happen when you buy a new car is that you drive it off the lot and get into a wreck. This is even worse if you are not fully insured. That is why it is a good idea to obtain car insurance before you buy a new vehicle.

Before making the purchase, call your insurance agent. Let them know you are buying a new car and ask what you need to do. Some states allow you to keep your existing coverage and roll it over to your new car. Other states do so automatically. Your insurance agent will tell you how to stay protected.

Check With Your Bank

New cars tend to be expensive, so most people take out a loan to afford them. Before getting an insurance plan, speak with your bank. Banks often require individuals to carry a certain level of comprehensive and collision insurance. This is also known as full coverage insurance.

A lot of banks require you to carry a specific limit in order to keep their investment safe. When working out the details of the loan, make sure to get documentation of the insurance coverage you need and then discuss it with your insurance agent.

Get A Quote Before You Buy

Insurance rates vary from one insurer to the next. There are a lot of factors that determine the cost of your auto insurance. Among them is the type of vehicle you purchase. Once you have a vehicle in mind and understand the requirements of your bank, get some insurance quotes. This will help you determine if all the costs of owning the vehicle are within your budget. You can easily request them online.

If an insurance policy is too expensive, you should expand your search. If it is more affordable than you expect, you can opt to upgrade the package.

Review Your Options

Finally, when it comes to buying an insurance policy, make sure to take the time to shop around. Prices and coverages vary dramatically across auto insurance carriers. If you want to get the most coverage for the best price, you will need to get quotes from different providers.

At Panorama Insurance Agency, we can help you do just that. When you work with us, we request quotes from national and local insurance companies alike to find you the best option. We will assist you in protecting your new vehicle so you can enjoy it without worry. Give us a call today to get started. Our friendly, knowledgeable agents will answer any of your questions and help you find an excellent deal.

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