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Insurance protects you from financial loss in case of a disaster or an accident. Some types of insurance in California are required by law, such as auto insurance and home insurance, while others may not be required but are still necessary.

Insurance Policies Everyone Should Carry

Life Insurance

Life insurance is most important for people who have dependents. If you have a spouse who doesn’t have a job, children, or parents or siblings who depend on you, life insurance will make sure that they don’t face financial hardship should you die. This insurance will replace the income that you earn so that your dependents will have money for your burial and their daily needs for years on.

Health Insurance

It’s no secret that the US healthcare system is one of the most expensive in the world. Healthcare insurance will help you cover any of your family’s healthcare needs. Health insurance is one important contributor to better health. If you want to make sure you and your family can afford to get the treatments you need, health insurance is an absolute must.

Long-Term Disability Insurance

Long-term disability insurance is somewhat similar to life insurance in that it will replace a portion of your salary. A long-term disability, should it happen, is likely to affect your ability to earn while also possibly adding expenses via medical treatments. The benefits you receive from your long-term disability insurance will enable you to still live comfortably even if you can no longer work.

Home Insurance

Your home is a valuable asset and it is where most of your other assets are stored, including you and your family. If your house is damaged by a natural disaster or is robbed, repairing and replacing the items inside are definitely costly. Home insurance covers damages caused by natural disasters and such so that you don’t have to pay for repairs out of your pocket.

Alternatively, if you are renting, the appropriate insurance is renters insurance which will cover loss of personal items, liability, and additional living expenses should your rented property be damaged or broken into.

Auto Insurance

This is one of the required insurance policies in California. It protects the car owner from potential financial loss in case they get into an accident and are sued for damages. This is important since California is an at-fault state which means that you will pay for the victims’ damages if you caused the accident.

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