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Safe Driving Tips For Holiday Travelers

Safe Driving Tips For Holiday Travelers


Yes, COVID-19 is still here, infecting people and causing deaths. The CDC has warned folks not to travel and to stay home, but yet, as we saw with Thanksgiving, many Americans are not changing their ways. Don’t worry because we are not here to scold those venturing out and about. Rather, we aim to help people who decide to travel for Christmas or New Year’s Day stay safe.

Before we get into some safe driving tips, let’s discuss car insurance. California motorists should be sure they have enough coverage, whether they are staying in-state or heading out of town. The last thing anybody wants is to get into an accident and discover they are not covered. That could lead to them having to pay for damages and injuries out of pocket.

Drivers in need of new policies should not hesitate to give us a call. Our firm has many insurance products available, and they are reasonably priced. Representatives are standing by to answer questions and address concerns. They are ready, willing, and able to find customers the perfect plan for their unique needs.


Get Your Vehicle Serviced

Hitting the open road in an improperly maintained vehicle can be a recipe for disaster. If antifreeze is low, the car could run hot and leave its driver stranded on the side of the road. Worn tires can blow out and cause accidents. Meanwhile, having no engine oil can result in the auto’s motor locking up.

Therefore, people who want to avoid mishaps should plan ahead and get their vehicles serviced. Doing so may not stop every issue from occurring, but it will surely prevent some problems from coming to fruition.


Be Well-Rested And Take Breaks While Traveling

The night before a long road trip, drivers should always make it a point to get enough rest. Drowsy driving can thrust people into harm’s way. If a person dozes off behind the wheel, their car could go off-road, hit another vehicle, or even strike a pedestrian. So motorists should do themselves and others a favor by catching adequate Z’s before traveling.

Additionally, if an individual starts feeling groggy, they might want to stop at a gas station or take a rest stop. They can get out, walk around, and maybe get a cup of coffee to wake up. When several licensed drivers are taking a trip together, they may want to drive in shifts. This will ensure that they remain fresh and alert.


Avoid Texting And Answering Calls

People have been told repeatedly how dangerous it is to text or talk on the phone while driving. However, lots of folks still partake in the activities.

If you are traveling in a car this holiday season and wish to reach your destination unscathed, do not use your phone when driving. This distraction can take your eyes off the road and cause an injury or a fatal crash. Those who have calls or texts that cannot wait should pull over to safe locations and parks before attending to them.

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