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Contractors Insurance Is Right For These Professionals

Contractors Insurance Is Right For These Professionals

Contractors Insurance Is Right For These Professionals

It is the dream of many people in the United States to own a business. They grow tired of listening to bosses telling them what to do and working over 40 hours each week for what seems like not enough pay. There are plenty of opportunities out there. However, this post will focus on three particular fields: plumbing, electrical, and carpentry. Professionals in those industries provide services to homeowners and business owners alike.

Their skills allow them to earn a decent living. As their customer base grows, they often hire employees to complete certain tasks. Regardless of whether a contractor is doing jobs alone or has a team helping them out, they should make it a point to get a contractors insurance policy. It will protect them, their workers, and the business.

Now, we will discuss three job site disasters that could cause claims. Without high-quality policies, business owners could find themselves having to pay for damages or injuries out of pocket. If you are a California contractor, stick around and read on to learn more. These issues will reveal why it is in your best interest to obtain a commercial insurance policy.

A Torch Sets A Home Ablaze

It is not uncommon for plumbers to use torches. Those are utilized to melt lead and solder copper pipes or fittings. Let’s say that a worker isn’t paying as much attention to soldering as they should be. The tool’s flames could make insulation, wood, and other similar materials catch fire, and the situation could quickly get out of hand. The fire department will need to be called to extinguish the blaze, and the contractor will be on the hook for damages. General liability insurance covers property damage, so acquire your policy today to keep repair, cleanup, and rebuilding expenses at bay.


A Property Owner Gets Electrocuted

If electricians are not careful, their customers can be in for nasty surprises. Perhaps they touch a wire not properly concealed during remodels, or maybe they attempt to flip a light switch only to get shocked. Individuals may need medical attention following those problems, and they might even lose their lives.

Medical bills are not cheap in the modern world, nor are final expenses. Ensure that your business doesn’t go belly up having to pay those costs with a contractors insurance policy. It protects you in the way of bodily injury.


A Nail Punctures Someone

Carpenters often use nail guns and compressors for projects. The tools make building tasks much easier than with hammers and nails. Not to mention, they help workers finish jobs quickly too. There are some risks involved with them, though. For example, if an employee looks away while using one, they could send a nail into their foot or hand, leaving it stuck inside the bone.

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Not only will the injury be painful, but it will require immediate medical attention as well. Make sure you don’t have to break the bank paying for recovery expenses with contractors insurance. Give Panorama Insurance Agency a call to get your quote today.

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