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Insurance companies are all around these days. People see their commercials on TV and hear advertisements on the radio. Of course, ads can also be found within apps and programs on smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Some organizations claim this, while others claim that. Each one has a reason as to why drivers should choose them. It can be challenging for people to shuffle through the good and weed out the bad, to say the very least.

Most motorists want cheap premiums, but they don’t want to sacrifice service because of low rates. Yet, on some occasions, that is precisely what happens. There are ways to get the payments you wish, though, and without sacrificing anything. Various insurers have discounts available to those who qualify. Eligible drivers get instant savings. That means they don’t have to break the bank to obtain high-quality coverage. We will discuss some discount opportunities here in a bit, but first, let’s talk about something else, our agency.

We are an independent agency that works with many providers. That ensures our team can offer numerous insurance products to consumers and help them find the perfect ones for them. Not only do the items provide customers with peace of mind, but they are also affordable. It’s a win-win situation for clients. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us and discover what the fuss is about for yourself. Now, let’s check out some common discounts that insurers offer.

A Full Payment Discount

Paying for a six-month policy in advance isn’t always feasible. However, if a driver has money to burn, it isn’t a bad idea to pay in full. Various insurers offer these programs. When people get quotes online, that’s why they see the option to pay in full. The savings amounts vary from one company to the next. However, to give readers an idea of what they could be looking at, we will provide an example. According to AutoInsurance.org, Travelers Insurance policyholders get up to 15-percent off for full payments.

Continuous Coverage

Many insurers reward loyal clients for using them. They apply continuous coverage discounts to their accounts, and they reap the savings, again and again, year after year. The amount typically varies from one company to the next, but for the most part, drivers that qualify should expect to save between 10 and 15-percent.

That may not seem like a heck of a lot, but trust us, it can make a world of difference. So, if you’ve been insured with an organization for a bit and haven’t heard a thing about a continuous coverage discount, discuss the matter with a representative. They may not offer the program, or perhaps they just forgot to add it to your plan.

Safe Driver/Driving Discounts

Some insurance companies reward their customers for driving safely. If they don’t get into wrecks or acquire speeding tickets, their policy prices decrease. Various organizations take things a bit further. They send their customers’ devices that plug into their cars. The units track fast take-offs, hard brakes, and more. Once the information is collected, policyholders are informed of how much they saved.

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