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Are you earning your degree to become an architect in California? Good for you. That means you’ll get to use your creativity to plan and design houses, office buildings, and more. You will truly be able to leave your mark on the world. As you probably know, you can earn a good living in this field. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for these professionals was $80,750 per year in 2019. That equals around $38.82 an hour.

The point is that if you play your cards right, you might not have to live from paycheck to paycheck. However, if you mess up on the job, lawsuits could be filed against you. We know that’s a bummer, but it happens. That is why you need to protect yourself with professional liability insurance. When it comes time for architects to get coverage, they need to know where to turn.

If they live and work in California, our Northridge agency can be of assistance. Those that want quotes can reach us by phone or email if they prefer. They can even visit the office at 19302 Citronia Street if they like. Now, let’s look at three reasons why lawsuits might get thrown an architect’s way.

The Three best reasons why Architects should Get Professional Liability Insurance

  1. A Colossal Work Mistake. Let’s say that an architect is in charge of building a new sports stadium. They don’t review the city, state, or federal regulations closely and do not design the structure with enough handicapped bathroom stalls. Then, the structure owner has to pay a contractor to remodel the newly built restrooms. That will cost them a ton of money, and they could go after compensation from the designer. Architects need professional liability insurance to safeguard against work mistakes.
  1. Failure To Deliver Results. It is not uncommon for professionals, including architects, to promise things to clients. They go above and beyond to deliver results but sometimes fall short. When that happens, and it costs customers money, once again, they can come after the planners to try and recoup their losses. Having to pay a significant sum out of pocket can ruin an architect’s career. Therefore, you should ensure you’re protected from these incidents with professional liability insurance. Hopefully, you won’t ever need to file a claim, but it is important to prepare for the curveballs life might throw your way.
  1. Providing Negligent Services. Architects can make human errors just like any other professional in this world. Many times, mistakes are minor, and nothing comes from them. Yet, on other occasions, oversights cost clients millions. If a developer believes you provided negligent services, he or she could hire a lawyer to file a lawsuit against you. Then, if they prove negligence occurred, you will owe them a hefty chunk of change for damages.

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